The GetFed Cook of the Month for May 2019

Posted: 3 months ago

The GetFed Cook of the Month for May 2019

Posted: 3 months ago

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Every month, we award the best performing cook on GetFed with our Cook of the Month award.

All winners are chosen for total meals sold, presentation of their meals on GetFed, promotional efforts online and in local communities, and the quality of reviews they receive.

The competition in May was strong with brilliant cooks across Glasgow selling wonderful meals, sharing food with their local communities, and receiving glowing reviews in return from hungry Glaswegians.

There can only be one Cook of the Month, though, and the winner for May is...

Shaulika's Kitchen

Shaulika's Kitchen

Shaulika has been a star home cook for a number of months now and has consistently been near the top for every leading cook statistic including sales and total orders received. In May, Shaulika shone through with a diverse menu including Veggie Quesadilla, Creamy Tomato Pasta and Million Dollar Penne.

Top Meal: Veggie Quesadilla

Top Reviews

Delicious Food

5 Stars

Another fantastic meal from Shaulika's Kitchen. A nice large portion. Tasted like the first time I had the mushroom and garlic pasta. thank you :-)

Was a treat

5 Stars

It's a treat ordering from here. tastes good and fills me up with every meal.

We asked Shaulika to tell us more about her love of home cooking.

What's your favourite recipe?

A recipe that has been handed over to her by her mother. This curry is cooked using minced lamb, caramelized onions and a melange of flavourful Indian spices. This lip-smacking main dish recipe is truly delicious as these koftas/ meatballs are very tender and melt in your mouth while you bite them. The unique aspect of this dish is that the meatballs are not fried but it poached and cooked in the flavourful & spicy gravy to hold the intense and exotic aroma of all the spices amalgamated with the meat. This cooking technique gives a new dimension to the curry making this dish even more scrumptious and takes it to another level. Though it takes a lot of effort and time to create this wonderful dish, it's totally worth it! Will soon be introducing the same on GetFed!

Who is your Cook Hero?

Jamie Oliver for his simple & globally inspired recipes for both the experienced and the novice chef.

What are your ambitions as a cook?

Being a management professional for quite a few years and having explored my passion for cooking, my ambition as a cook combines both the aspects. GetFed came as a blessing to me that boosted my confidence and helped me get creative with my passion. It's bringing people together and thats where my aim revolves around - making an aesthetic, cultural, and social contribution. A chance to showcase my skills, explore & learn something new and to encourage people to use food the right way that can end hunger and help improve the environment by reducing food wastage.

Congratulations to Shaulika! If you'd like to sell your excess portions on GetFed you can register as a cook today by clicking below.

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