The GetFed Cook of the Month for April 2019

Posted: 5 months ago

The GetFed Cook of the Month for April 2019

Posted: 5 months ago

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Every month, we award the best performing cook on GetFed with our Cook of the Month award.

All winners are chosen for total meals sold, presentation of their meals on GetFed, promotional efforts online and in local communities, and the quality of reviews they receive.

The competition in April was strong with brilliant cooks across Glasgow selling wonderful meals, sharing food with their local communities, and receiving glowing reviews in return from hungry Glaswegians.

There can only be one Cook of the Month, though, and the winner for April is...

Chef Mark S.D

Chef Mark S.D

Mark has been a stand out cook throughout April with his fantastic BBQ meals. He's innovated with meal deals that include burgers, ribs and homemade slaw (unsurprisingly a huge hit) and has been brilliant in engaging with his own followers on social media.

Top Meal: Smoked Baby Back Ribs

Top Reviews

Amazing ribs !!

5 Stars

Used getfed for the first time and am delighted with the food I ordered , will defo order again soon.


5 Stars

Really tasty bbq food something totally different ideal hangover munch.


5 Stars

Everything was top notch. Highly recommend.

We asked Mark to tell us more about her love of home cooking.

What's your favourite recipe?

I've got loads to be honest it depends on my mood, but you can't beat a grilled steak on the bbq. Rib eye steak cooked over charcoal or wood, served with potato gratins. Ideal!

Who is your Cook Hero?

I've got a few: Aaron Franklin who owns Franklin's bbq in Texas. Malcom Reed, a competition bbq champion. Gary Maclean, my partner and I watched him all the way through master chef and the way he made something using every element of it was amazing.

What are your ambitions as a cook?

My ambition is to get myself into the street food scene, I enjoy the atmosphere you get at the events, and its best suited to my style of cooking.

Congratulations to Mark! If you'd like to sell your excess portions on GetFed you can register as a cook today by clicking below.

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