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I ordered myself some Tacos tonight. A Mexican dish at its very best.
2 delicious well filled Tacos arrived hot in a spacious container, both had been fried to perfection. The Tacos were not too spicy, just right of spices combined with the seasoning that added to its perfect taste. Definitely something on the menu again.

1 day ago by Justin

Million Dollar Baked Penne Pasta

Tonight I tried the Million Dollar Baked Penne pasta, a rich creamy and cheesy pasta dish which was delicious and completely satisfying. A hidden cheese layer throughout the dish made it even more appetizing. Every forkful had penne pasta with cheese, mushrooms or the rich tomato sauce in every bite. This is certainly a dish I will buy again and is great value for the price paid which won't cost you a Million Dollars. Definitely recommended. 10/10

4 days ago by Justin

Shaulika's Spicy Flatbread!

I hadn't tried Aloo Paratha before, a proper traditional Indian flatbread filled with an evenly balanced mix of potato, onions, herbs and some spices. The flatbread was very tasty and not overly spicy, a delicious traditional Indian starter nonetheless. The yoghurt dip was a good addition to the flatbread but there was more than enough provided for the flatbread. The flatbread was not heavy on the stomach and it would make a good addition to a light meal or a small snack to follow. I would buy this dish again as a starter.

1 week ago by Justin

too long in transit

I'm sure the meals would have been delicious had they not been in transit for 45 mins, arrived barely even luke warm, if I had wanted to microwave or heat up my Meal I'd have gone to the supermarket.

1 week ago by Richard

Shaulika's Stir-Fry

Tonight I ordered a freshly cooked authentic Asian Pan-Fried Noodles with Chicken dish. The noodles were soft and there was plenty of chicken and a variety of vegetables thrown in too. All cooked perfectly in a stir-fry sauce. I would definitely buy this again and definitely happy to recommend this dish to anyone who is considering a stir-fry. 10/10.

1 week ago by Justin

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