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I am staying in the West End area of Glasgow. I could deliver the meals to your door if you stay in post code G11,G12,G13 and G14 Referral code for first order bqrk (99p + delivery cost)

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Recent Reviews

Pork that is not for the Chop!

A full meal consisting of perfectly sliced Fried Pork Chop covered in a light breadcrumb. In a separate container there was a full portion of white rice. I did notice this wasn't normal boiled white rice but instead it was a sticky steamed white rice, it was a perfect accompaniment to the Fried Pork. There were also 2 small Pork Dumplings in a separate container, both also cooked to perfection and very tasty, within this container there was also some salad (lettuce, small tomatoes & cucumber). There was a separate portion of sauce inside too, the only way to describe the sauce would be to say if you like a Worcester-type sauce then this is definitely worth a try. The whole meal was delicious, and appetizing, Rounding all of this up I would say this is a favourite meal and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to try something different.

7 hours ago by Justin

Meh ..

The food was cold by the time it got to us - not the cook's fault, more the delivery driver. The food was ok - once we heat it up in the microwave. I use the term OK loosely, the chicken was very grey - didn't look so appetising. For the kung po chicken meal, the rice was overcooked, resembled congealed sushi rice, didn't separate at all, too sticky & no seasoning. The panko pork was alright, cooked well but again, rice was sticky and overcooked. Wasn't massively keen on the sauce, tasted very much like HP brown sauce. The Mooncakes were lovely, enjoyed them very much. Wouldn't rush to buy again from this cook.

5 days ago by Brian

Top notch grub

Brilliant beef and noodles dish, full of peppery flavour. And we shared the pork panko as a starter. Delicious, and I’ll try that for myself as a main next time. Highly recommended.

5 days ago by Steflach

Kung Po to go...

Kung Po Chicken with steamed white rice.
The boiled white rice & the Kung Po Chicken arrived hot in separate containers.
The Kung Po was made up of tender pieces of diced chicken mixed with a combination of peanuts, fried red chillies and crunchy spring onions all in a garlic and ginger sauce which gave the dish the right amount of a spicy kick. It was a mild-hot dish which was tasty and delicious.

1 week ago by Justin

Chi's Marinated Chicken Satay

This meal did not disappoint and was an absolute bargain for the price paid.
The cook actually delivered the food himself because we live so close together. Four tasty well Marinated Chicken Satay skewers on a bed of steamed white rice. You could definitely taste the sweet peanut sauce which was delicious and it covered the chicken perfectly without flooding the dish. A perfect all round meal at a fantastic price. Happy to recommend this deal and will definitely buy again.

1 week ago by Justin

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