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great food

the fish cakes were very well made they had the correct amount of spices were used and the fish was made perfectly and overall the fish cakes weren't bland but also not too spicy, it was well balanced.

1 day ago by Hashim23

brilliant food

the food from punjabi kitchen was perfect very delictlycious the fried chicken was perfectly crispy. the allo paratha was very well cooked and tasted wonderful 10/10 food deinifntly would recommend to friends

1 week ago by Hashim23

Not sure

I am really not sure it was home cooked as was tasting me to some takeaway pakora and samosa disappointed

1 week ago by Ashi

Punjabi food

Food taste was good but was full of oil

3 weeks ago by Rohit khattar

Chicken burger

Turns out Punjabi Kitchen doesn't just do a mean curry, their burger and chips is pretty good as well! Very tasty and as usual a very generous portion, would definitely order again!

2 weeks ago by Fraser Stewart

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